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1972 2002tii Fjord

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Hey guys, so not a whole lot of interest lately, I'm thinking I might just restore her myself if it hasn't sold by summer, in which case the car will obviously no longer be for sale until the resto is complete. If you are interested or know someone who is please contact me, the price is secondary to getting the car to a good home.

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Hi… new to this forum… but not to my interest in early 70's 2002's.  My cousin had a new one when I was a boy and I used to ride around in it with him.  He was quite a driver and could really make that little coupe move.  I believe he brought it back with him from Germany where he was serving in the military in the late 60's.   


I've gone over this particular thread from beginning to end and I'm quite surprised that you have not sold the car yet?!  Some have commented that the rust is the inhibiting factor… and I can understand that.  It appears that in lieu of selling the car as a “running condition clean slate for further restoration”,  you are taking on restoration tasks yourself, one at a time.  Above, it says new floor pan rebuild coming soon.


So what is your current status with this vehicle; are you seeing it through full restoration… to keep or to sell?  Or, are you considering selling at any time in whatever current condition it is in if a valid offer comes in?  If you are doing the full restoration yourself, is it your own work or are you sending it to various shops?  If you would consider selling as is, could you consolidate a list of tasks that you feel would put this car in very durable and attractive condition for the next owner?  Obviously at this point, you know the car better than anyone.  


You can consider this a serious inquiry, but I need to know where you are at with your ownership/restoration work… and/or what I would have to invest to take it to the next level.  Finally, depending on the above factors, a selling price.  I'm trying to establish value and balance if I were the new owner.  You seem to be a straight forward seller, so perhaps you can understand why I am asking you for all this summarized information.  And BTW, I would be a great new driver for this car!  It would be in a “good home”, as you put it.


If you'd like to start a dialogue, please let me know…. Best, Mike


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