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1972 2002tii Fjord

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what are you asking for the car

I have a situation, My brother had this call more than 40 years ago and he's going through a very difficult time with life partner and lost everything

Im buying this as a gift to restore and give him as a gift to change his life around

Please tell me a little more detail and where you are located and what condition the car is in... does it run? what you think needs to be done a,d how much restoration is involved

I really appreciate your help


I cannot open any pictures

can you send me direct to email please [email protected]


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^ Thanks for the comment and not to sound blunt but everything you asked is in the original listing so I recommend you read that first please... it is also a little bit fishy that you posted the exact same comment in another for sale thread... just my observations. If you are not a scammer and are legitimately interested you can message me directly and we can go from there. Thanks.


Bump for a great car with tons of potential!

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I want to explain something please

My brother had this car 35 yrs ago and now he's goint through a bad divorce that he lost everything and his kids are also being influenced and lied to by a bi-polar ex wife

this situation has torn him apart and he is in a very bad stage

I have spoke to my wife and agreed to put some money up to 10K to do this

This will definitely cost most but I like the car... if the car runs good I want to come pick up and drive back to NY

what is the final price

Please call me  516+205-6526 Danny



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On 12/15/2016 at 9:44 AM, ingramlee said:

I think the rust on this car is scaring most folks away. It looks nice at first glance but looking closer It's simply too much of a project for most, especially at 12K IMO.

Yup, my sentiments exactly. Most desirable yr for a tii, great color, but there's some serious rust which will require a lot of surgery. Definitely deserving to be rescued though! I wish you the best in finding a person with the time, resources and level of appreciation that it'll take to bring her back.

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