F/S complete modified e21 Century turbo kit

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hello everyone, I got very lucky last year and purchased a crashed e21 that had this engine, 5 speed gearbox and a 3.91 LSD in it, I parted the car out and kept the drivetrain for my future 2002 I had always wanted, well here we are a year later and I have my 2002 project with a bad engine and a worn out 4 speed. I had very much wanted to put this motor in my 02 however after test fitting the exhaust and turbo I don't have the time or desire at this point to modify the car to the point that would make this setup fit in my car properly. I have purchased a DCOE side draft kit and will be using this long block to get my car back on the road since my original block has some serious cylinder wall damage.

I will be selling this Century turbo kit as a complete ready to run unit, including the full CIS system and K-Jetronic harness and ECU.  I am not sure how to price this as it is 100% complete and a modified version at that. I can't find any that have been sold like this, usually they are just bits and pieces of the kit. I will do a quick run down of everything I see on the kit

- Century intake manifold, later style with no injector ports

- BAE exhaust manifold with a modified T4 flange, replaces the outdated Rajay 3 bolt flange

- Turbonetics Turbocharger, like new condition zero shaft play. 68 A/R, expensive turbo

- Rajay wastegate

- Porsche 944 throttle body

- Volvo CIS distribution block and WUR, better fuel enrichment than the BMW unit

- Stainless steel braided fuel lines

- WOT fuel enrichment through WUR

- complete K-Jetronic harness with ECU

- both Hobbs switches

- Intercooler piping and intercooler (someone made them. not original to this kit)

- lots of things I'm sure I'm missing

I have video of this running in the wrecked car before I pulled it. Throttle response was great, the intake manifold will polish right up, I did a test spot real quick and it looks nice. I would prefer someone local to buy this,

PRICE sold










IMG_7234 (1).JPG

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added pics and price

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