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Hi all, 


I recently found out my drivers tail light does not work (74 2002 non tii). I tried sourcing the problem, but I cant seem to find where the issue is. So far I have: 

- tried replacing the bulb

- checking the fuses (not sure which one is related to drivers side, but all 12 are in great shape to my knowledge)

- checking the connection at the bulb to housing

- checking the connection from the connector to the housing (male to female plugs)

- have NOT checked the full wires from bulb to front (I hope I dont have to do this)


The confusing thing is the passenger side works and all the other bulbs within the drivers side housing work perfectly (including the brake light). That detail makes me think it could not be ground related, but something else. 


Any help/ ideas? I am not an electrician by any means, so input is greatly appreciated. 




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I'd look more closely at fuse #7.





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IIRC the bulb sockets on a squarelight are plastic (they're metal on roundies), with metal inserts that function as the hot lead (tip of bulb base) and ground (barrel of base) electrical contacts.  My guess is that one of these either ins't making good contact with the bulb, due to corrosion or just working loose over the years.  Check the two metal contacts to make sure they're clean, and are firmly touching the bulb.  If you wiggle the bulb in its holder and it momentarily lights up, then it's almost certainly your problem.  I've shimmed loose bulbs like that one with a matchstick or thin metal strip to wedge the bulb in a position where it makes a reliable contact.  


This, of course after you have removed the relevant fuse, checked it carefully for wear and corrosion (they really do wear out) and checked the spring contacts for corrosion.  



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Hey Ray and Mike, 


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried both of your suggestions and I think the combination worked. I put a new fuse on and cleaned the contact areas and now it works. 


FAQ saves the day again!



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