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Up for sale is my replica, euro-spec ALPINA silver dollar cluster.


I carefully built this to full ALPINA spec with the correct black silver dollars, black trim rings, ALPINA-style tach, and adjustable redline needle!


If ALPINA built your 2002 in the early 70s, this is what your cluster would look like. The 200kph speedometer makes this cluster a euro-spec unit, as opposed to the more common 120mph speedo.


Everything has been tested and is in working order except the odometer. The uber-rare euro-spec 200kph speedo functions properly, and the adjustable redline needle is quite the conversation piece!


Bid here on eBay:



Alpina Cluster-1.jpgAlpina Cluster-3.jpg



Original photo:

2002 alpina tach original.jpeg


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37 minutes ago, 2002Scoob said:

Nice looking cluster, but What's the deal with the Odometer?

I'd actually be quite interested in this unit.

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When I tested it, the odometer went up to "001" then stopped, as if it was slipping. This seems to be a common problem, and DIY fixes have been documented on the FAQ. I didn't mess with it because I've never repaired an odometer, and this rare unit was not the one to learn on!

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I normally charge $125. You should also ask what Palo Alto Speedometer or North Hollywood if you are in CA. Another option, I will be at SoCal Vintage with my tools. Bring whatever you want fixed to that event. The cost will be discounted but can't tell you what until I get there. We will have a booth next to Jeff Ireland right in the middle.





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On August 15, 2016 at 11:40 AM, ws9848 said:

that is something that can be swapped out pretty fast but what about the minivan?


Ha!  I wonder how many 'yeah, ok, I'll only do it if i can swap it back to stock in an afternoon' projects can be compiled together before one loses the trail completely...

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The auction ends tonight at 7PM (PST/West Coast time) so don't miss it folks!


The current bid is less than half of what the poorly-done fakes were bringing recently on eBay ($600!). This one is very well done and has all the cool details that will set you apart from the crowd. Take a look here:

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