1974 BMW 2002 - Amazon Green

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Gotta let go of my project 2002. There are some other things I'd like to do now and I don't have as much time for this anymore...


This is a stalled project that I have had for 6 years and have just run out of steam on. Instead of being the guy that is always going to "get around to it", I'd like to let it go to the right person for the right price. 

Very solid body with no major rust problems, except passenger floor board and a small hole behind passenger seat by the bulkhead about the size of a dime. 

Many new parts on the car and some that need to be put on.

On the car:

New pre-bent stainless steel brake lines from Classic tube ($450) new brake master cylinder. New rear wheel cylinder, all new brake pads or shoe and new flex lines. I went through the whole system repacked the bearings and used new seals. I think the front rotors are new, the drums were still in spec. Rebuilt front calipers ($170) 

New battery relocation kit to trunk needs to be welded in and cables run, I could not decide where I wanted to drill to run the cable ($225). The shock towers are as solid as the day they came out of the factory.

Out of car:

The engine was out(edit - the engine and transmission are now in the car, though not hooked up) because I put a new clutch kit in- the flywheel was resurfaced ($50), new pressure plate, throwout bearing, and clutch disc ($200). I have new in the box clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder ($150). I also have a new stainless braid clutch line on the car.
New ignition switch with key that needs to be installed ($125). 

New drive shaft that needs to be installed ($440).

I also have some new parts that are extra. I got them to satisfy getting free shipping. Some are needed now or can be used later. Valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket (there is a new one on now), headlights, plug wires, steering coupler, front ball joints, and a few more.

New drive shaft that needs to be installed ($440).

The passenger CV joint is off of the car because the boot was cracked. I have a new set for both sides. 

All critical parts were bought through Bavarian Auto if possible, or I used what worked well for others.

I had the car together last year and was working on getting the bugs out when the transmission started making noises which I've been told is probably the front input shaft bearing that was starting to go bad; I got a transmission from a member of the 2002 FB group who said it worked fine. It is mated to the engine now. I have not used it yet. I also have the problem transmission to go with the car.

The engine ran good when it was removed and never had any troubles starting it up. 

Other misc things:

Back seat is out of car, but I still have it. 
Front bumper is off car, but I don't know if I know where the bolts are.
The center of the hood is painted matte black.
One of the rims has a bent lip from the previous owner. You can see it in the picture of the small amount of rust on the driver's side rear fender lip.

I've tried to include everything about the car that I can think of.

$3400 OBO


Pictures in the CL ad below:


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