'70 Part out, OEM stuff. Located in CenCal

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Trying to help my cousin sell his excess parts, list will get updated as we find more stuff to sell, and stuff gets sold


- 4-Speed transmission, driveshaft also available. $250 obo




- OEM carb airbox $50

- OEM seats, Black vinyl  $400

- OEM 13" wheels $400


Im sure theres more, but its late and Im tired. If my prices are way off base lmk. willing to entertain any offers, or package deals, barter, trades etc

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lowering prices

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I'm looking for a hood and nose

Sorry, no body parts. Good luck

still have the dizzy?

Yes we do.we sort of have a buyer but things have lagged. Its on our end though, not his. If we've taken too long for this other guy and he passes, I'll let you know

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