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I have a '69 1600 that I'll be swapping an e21 LSD into, as well as upgrading to a 2002 subframe. I'll be picking up a 2002 diff cover and my question is, do I also need the 2002 cross member (pic for reference) or can I modify the 1600 one? Are they even different? Would this fit directly onto the 1600 or do I need to make modifications?





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I have the 2002 subframe already, but no 2002 cross member...yet. I am upgrading from a long neck diff. To clarify about my question, I was wondering if the long neck diff cross member was compatible with the diff cover of the 2002, or are the mounting points different? Pic attached... talking about the points where the diff cover are bolted to the cross member.


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Boy, that sure looks the same as the short neck rear support to me... but wait!


We have  a tool for this:




We stick in your early sedan  (yeah, I dunno why) and we find, under rear axle, rear axle housing/ cover

(it takes some digging sometimes- try to find the glass surround parts for an E36 in there!  Yes, they're there...)


Part 33173404100 was found on the following vehicles:

which covers both long and short- neck diffs.


So I can say, with some certainty, that you can use your "cross member 33173404100" with the 5- speed.

What I can also tell you is that you can reuse your

33111204102 Cover

  • To:-
  • Weight:1.200 kg
  • Price:$287.00
  • Supersedes:33113404111
  • (03/31/1978 — 06/26/1975)


Part 33111204102 was found on the following vehicles:

So you don't even need a new rear cover- the long- neck diff rear cover will fit onto a late 2002, and thus 320i, diff housing

(the 2002- 320i part I know, realoem will say they're different, because they are, but they fit fine- it's the mount that changes, and that's what you actually want)


The wonders of RealOEM.  I miss penskeparts, tho.




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