LTG engine possible?

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Again, wondering what will happen when the last of our blocks disappear. Chevy is making the LTG available as a crate engine and a six speed tranny available too. 

This 4 banger is in Cadillac ATX and  is an option in  2016 Camaro. 

200 plus horsepower and is turbo. Has several configurations available. The crate is being marketed to Hot Rodders as a higher power lightweight option for RWD cars. 

Seeing it under the hood of the Camaro, It still seems to eat up a lot of real estate with the turbo/coolant set up. Wondering  if a wrecked RWD ATX would serve as a donor. 

As always, just playing with ideas, with no resources to even attempt them..





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It's not gonna be blocks.  It'll be oil pumps or cylinder heads.  And it'll be a while, yet.




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