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Panasport Wheel Center Caps

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Hi: It has been a long time since I posted here. I am still involved with my Bimmers although life and Porsches have kept me away too long. Oh, and my E30 which I LOVE and drive all the time... Anyway, my red '73 is long gone but I still have the Panasports and was thinking of swapping out with my Tii steelies and hubcaps...


My question is where do I get aluminum/metal/plastic 14 inch center caps to replace the black ones? And the smaller ones not the giant cones I have..


I don't like the black ones I have..thanks.



'70 2800CS

'72 Tii

'87 325ic

'87 911 coupe

'97 911 coupe

'00 540/6 speed





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Hi Neal, and welcome back...IIRC you were part of the legendary 13 car 2002 caravan to the 2002 Oktoberfest in Colorado--still have your grille badge from that?


Unfortunately I can't help you with your Panasport center cap question, but someone on the board will be able to.



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Hi Mike of course that was me. Chris Isaacson (Stone) and I  came out of Philly and met you in Ohio. The rest is history..great time I still think about..

My rear bumper overrider flew off in Kansas and Dave and Ginger Hoovler went back and retrieved it. It was flattened like a pancake!


hope you're well..

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