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Which one is yours, the Mini or the '02?  If the Mini is yours and you're interested in trading for the '02 I'd certainly go check it out in person.  As I'm sure you know a car that looks nice in pictures may not be so nice in person.  


That trunk lid looks pretty sketchy; it's the perfect example of what happens when you don't take care of a small rust blister.   I'm sure that the whole mess started with a tiny rust blister appearing under the perimeter trim.  It was ignored for several years, and this is the result.  Hopefully it isn't rusted through; it will have to be sandblasted to take care of that.  The hood will look like the trunk in another year or so if those rust spots aren't taken care of.


As an aside--if the car was originally "gold" (Ceylon) that's the third Ceylon '73 appearing of the FAQ in the past few days--very unusual.  Looks like the blue paint is peeling under the hood.



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Concerning the blue 02: maybe the popup sunroof is leaky? The rain seems to be having dropped through the driver's seat already...  But perhaps it's a car for greg who's looking for a roundie?



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