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Old Fiat 124

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Anyone ever own one of these, or have one now?  I was thinking about getting one.  


What sorts of probs will I likely encounter?  Where do they rust?  How is parts availability compared to 02s?  


Any info would be appreciated.  



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I had a '67 Fiat 124 sedan. Is that the one you're wondering about? They are nearly non-existent in the US anymore. It had an 1197cc push rod engine with a side-draft Fiat-made 32DCOF ("F" for Fiat) carb, plus 4.11 gears. It would run all day at 80 mph, but sounded like it was spinning really fast. Pretty noisy car, extremely roomy, great outward visibility, handled well, and comfortable, except for the noise. All that said, it was the easiest car to work on I ever owned, and I've had a '62 6-cylinder/3-speed Comet (Falcon equivalent) and a '57 VW bug. The Fiat was designed for serviceability, I'm sure. Brake pads could be replaced on all wheels replaced in 30 minutes, but you had to do it every other year. Oil filter hangs straight down, right behind the front valance, near the drain plug. Lots of thoughtful service features like that.

You mention rust. That's probably why there are almost none left in the US. I moved my Fiat from California to Ohio in '82. After two winters, it had lost its sheltered-looking appearance. Visible holes were appearing in the doors, and the underside was quickly turning brown. I ended up giving it away after the shock mounts failed.

Now that I'm back in California, I would like to find another one. My wife liked that car, although she may not remember what it was like to ride in it.

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