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I'd'a probably put this info on your other thread about these rims, instead of starting this one.

Perhaps you can edit the post above with that link.

I do remember it though...mostly.

These are the rims that would have come on my '76, which now has the 5.5" e21 steelies, with the ET18(19?) offset.

The other stamped number you could photograph would be the ET29 (28?).

These would steer much easier than mine, due to offset/scrub radius.

Mine is not TOO heavy though, so I will likely stick with them.

A set like yours is tempting though, just to get the factory look/feel.

What is it you would like to know/share about these rims, other than the stamped info?

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Thanks for reply . I think I would like to know the worth of these .? 4


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