1974 2002 m20 swap - INCOMPLETE - please read entire post (upstate NY)

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Help fund my newly necessitated SAE sockets! Here I present to you an opportunity to kill the scene with a pretty quick, structurally sound m20 swapped square light 2002 for a pretty darn decent price!! All you have to do is some work... “Some” might be an understatement; you can decide that for yourself.

What I’ve got is an incomplete project. I’ll be taking a pretty decent loss here, justified only by the good deal I got on my new project. I don’t usually own cars for very long.. and my passion has come to an untimely end for this poor car. So rather than dragging out this long overstayed welcome, I’ll try and help out an enthusiast. I know there are plenty of you out there that can breathe life back into the car. You just need a welder and a brain, and you’d have yourself something very fun to drive.. on the track, to your local cruise in night, or ever puffing dope vape clouds out those gorgeous rear vent windows. Up to you, all you have to do is give me money!!

So below are the important lists, read these lists and look at all the pictures, then you can give me a call/text about it if you’re not scared away by the work needed. But please read below first! OH, and after you’re done reading the list, look at all the pictures linked below. Look at all of them.


Price: $1800 OBO. It comes with some nice things.


Item location: Clayton, NY. Bring a trailer!


What has been done:


-e30 rear subframe swap:

            -replaced e30 subframe bushings with pipe to slide over stock 02 studs

            -moved chassis diff mount forward and reinforced to interface with e30 diff bushing

            -put 02 spring perches on e30 trailing arms

            -added IE posi-lock camber/toe adjusters

-drivers side floor pan replaced with 16ga

-drivers side frame rail replaced with 16ga

-passenger side frame rail reinforced on bottom

-e30 sport seat mounting fabricated

-shock tower major structural rot replaced

-some seam welding in engine bay where frame rail meets sides

-some seam welding where shock tower meets bulkhead



Major things need to be done:


-Finish fabrication of tranny tunnel – needs to be bigger to accept a g260

-assemble rear subframe and mount

-change up rear spring perch or buy a longer spring for the rear

-check length of driveshaft, modify size as needed

-pull motor, install b25 head/other parts and do whatever work you want. The motor ran when pulled. So no real work is needed.

-fabricate a brace in the front clip where I had trimmed the radiator surround for motor clearance

-rear fenders might need to be rolled with increased track width. Front wheels could be spaced out (IE camber/roll center spacers would work) to even the track width

-run new brake lines, maybe install BBK (see optional parts)

-reinstall motor, wire, fab exhaust, run

-reinstall interior.. or grind down welds and paint it racecar style

-less important issues include: more rust, driver’s door is bent up, paint is 20/20 as heck, lowering springs and nicer dampers are cool, interior isn’t in great shape, lots of nitpicky things such as a crack in the rear tail light, drivers mirror is a little wobbly, bmw logos are worn, trunk seal needs replacing, door seals don’t do a whole lot of sealing either, no sound deadening (race car), rear bumper and one window has some overspray, dents, tear in rear seat, cracks in the e30 sport seats, front and rear seats aren’t exactly the same tan, missing various trim, center console doesn’t have a front panel to it.

^ the point I’m making with this list is that it’s not going to be a show car. Probably ever, and you should know that going into it. But I’ve considered that in the price already. I know I’m selling a used car here, so make me an offer, lowball me as much as you want and I’ll gladly hear you and hey I might even consider it!


Stuff it will come with:


-a nice clean shiny blue title from NYS

-m20b27, with b25 head, intake, accessories, wiring, ecu, etc.

-g260 trans

-classic daily m20 mount kit

-driveshaft from e30 318, will need lengthening or shortening

-IE poly motor and tranny mounts

-tan e30 sport seats (chassis already modified for these)

-the rest of the 2002 interior (stock tan seats, carpet, console, etc)

-IE posi-lock camber/toe adjusters

-3.73 medium case e30 LSD

-e30 rear subframe with axles, trailing arm, brake etc.

-ST sway bars (for 02)

-IE e30 rear sway bar (needs fab to install)

-kyb shocks all around

-stainless steel brake hoses (from apex)

-poly front suspension bushings

-solid subframe bushing

-Condor UHMW rear trailing arm and diff bushings



Can include (for an extra $400? Make offer. It’s sweet stuff)


-front big brake kit (all parts BRAND NEW except e21 hub/wheel bearing)

            -massive lee’s adapter kit

-2x wilwood 120-9703 calipers

-wilwood pads (BP-20 streetable compound)

            -e21 oem brembo discs

            -e21 front hub/wheel bearing/etc




SO, if I haven't scared you away, here's my contact info. Don't message me on the forum.. but feel free to reply here and give me my bump :) I just won't check this very often I don't think

(860) 510zero - 225zero




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