Front Nose to Fender attachement

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When I dismantled the car I never paid attention to this one detail: Does the fenders edge sit inside the two walled cavity of the nose? or Does it sit on the outside against the cavity?


20160801_145439 (1).jpg



In the below pic, that I took at the time of disassembly, it appears to sit on the inside of the cavity? I am almost certain this is how it should sit. Just want to double check with the forum members.









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Better test-mount the turn lights before finally putting the fenders on the car if fenders are new parts. With fenders from newer production the turn lights just fit like sh.. even if you buy the expensive original BMW parts. You might want to work on that, once you´ve seen it.


I´ve cut out the area from the old, used fenders (were only rusted towards the A-post) and have whelded it into the new fenders after I almost had to puke from first sight when I did that kind of work last time about 4 month ago. Looks OK for me now.


Blinker 1.jpg

Blinker super 1.jpg


Regards, Lars.

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When the fit is all to your liking then apply a bead of seam sealant around the cavity where it joins the wing. 


Refit it your doors first as you may need to play with the adjustment of the rear edge of the wings too. 


Things coming along nicely I see. 

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