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Bluegrass Drive & GTG: 7-30-16

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Over the July 29 - 31st weekend, we were entertained/hosted/led by Jake & Liz Metz of Louisville, KY. This was their first time hosting an RGB event, so they were most eager to provide us with a fine weekend of BMWs, friends, food, adult beverages, car talk and challenging, yet scenic driving. Mary and I were the first to join them early Friday evening. We immediately dashed off in their Nissan Leaf (an electric car - interesting!) for dinner at the Bluegrass Brewing Co. With only four of us there, the conversation was boisterous, personal and definitely great fun. The beer and the food were quite good too. We later went back to their house to await the arrival of Wil and Jonathan Tinker. We busied ourselves with their two dogs and two cats. (Arlo, a gigantic brindle mastiff, Gage, a huge chocolate brown Labrador Retriever, Rupert, a friendly pale male kitty and Pandora, a shy black female cat.) A few beers later and then the Tinkers arrived. More conversation, beer and rough-housing with the dogs followed. In the morning, we were treated to a breakfast casserole, donuts, coffee and orange juice. There was some light wrenching on the Tinkers' cars (an Agave roundie and a bronzeit beige metallic E21) and Jake's automatic roundie (Frogger) that stubbornly refused to start up right away. Later on, we had lunch with more of the RGB crew at a local diner. We were met there by Jason Gipson (and his son, Henry), John Blake (& his son, Joe), Ben and Lyndsay Younce (and their son, Rowan & their daughter, Marin), and Farshid Alai (& his two sons: Hajir & Beijan - sp? - sorry!). After lunch, we embarked on a 93.7 mile route through the Bluegrass countryside. It started out very hot and humid, but over time it cooled off some, then it rained and cooled things off even more. By the end of our drive, it was hot and sunny once again. Everyone's BMW performed well and we had no mishaps. Thankfully, we did not collide with a giant snapping turtle sunning itself in the roadway. There were plenty of tight turns and changes in elevation to keep us happy. We even managed to pass through the parking lot of the local Homearama which was sort of special, too. We returned to the Metz home for drinks, snacks and conversation. Eventually, we drove out to the German-American Club for Wiener Schnitzel, Jaeger Schnitzel, brats, red cabbage, sauerkraut, green beans, sauerkraut balls, giant pretzels --- and BEER. Good food and a festive atmosphere - no problems with that. Some of us danced to the live music under the shelter. The weather was great by this time, so that dining outdoors was enjoyable. Some of our RGB members bought beer steins as mementos. Much later, we made our way back to the Metz household for more conversation, quality time with their dogs and more? adult beverages. Some lingered until 3 AM, but not me... Zzzzzz.


Anyhow, it was a super weekend that was well planned - it proceeded without any complications. The focus was on friends, fun, relaxation and BMWs - - as it should be.

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