Packing up the Targa and heading to Orcas Island on Tuesday...

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I went to pull the Targa out of storage today. After wet nursing the battery a bit off the trickle charger, she fired right up after sitting for four months in a dormant state. 


I'm pretty thrilled about packing the Targa up, along with my wife's Honda Element, getting everything pulled from the Portland moving Pods into the mover's truck, and heading up to Orcas Island. The potential of starting our lives over looks like quite an adventure. So far we know two people on the island. And the Targa should make for a fun Island vehicle.


I hope to meet many of the Northwest 2002 owners either in Seattle or on the island. Looking forward...




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Hi Paul,


I'll miss seeing you at Brisbane and Novato C&C as well as your impeccably-written and thought provoking musings here on the FAQ. Not only do I always love those occasions of ogling your stunningly beautiful targa (what a great color!) but especially, I'll miss your intellect and warmth here in the Bay Area.


I'm truly happy for you and your wife...and for the new adventure that you are beginning. Change can be so magically invigorating and I wish you both happiness and peace. 


I absolutely adore the San Juan Islands which I covered extensively on a road bike  with a close friend, many years ago (Mt. Constitution is an ass-kicker!)


Perhaps some day I'll drive up North, toss my '02 on a ferry and impose upon you and your bride for a few days of your company.


Best wishes,



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What's your ETA?  Although you'll want time to settle, there are many possibilities for drives in the area.  North to Canada (big bang for your US buck) and south to the Seattle area.  Good times ahead.


FWIW there is a BMW car show Aug21 at Waterfront Park, North Vancouver.


Look forward to meeting up sometime Paul.  A Targa in our area.  Nice.

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