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I have several of these pumps in the parts stash, but they all should be rebuilt IMO.  These are basically the same as used on air-cooled VWs, and the rebuild kits "should" work... the parts look identical to the one I rebuilt on my '71.


Here's a link...


Or call Gene Berg VW and I bet they can set you up with something similar.


Ed Z

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Hi Ed!


Thank you for responding. The one I have came from a car that sat in a barn for most of its life. Unfortunately, most of the components are rusted so I'm not sure a rebuild would work on that one. If you are willing to let one go from your stash I would love to give that a shot though. 


I had read before that the VW ones will work but I am trying to stay as original as possible (this is a very special car! I know, we all think of our cars as special cars :D). What I didn't think of was the rebuild kit for the VW model. I am definitely up for giving that it a shot.



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