Mysterious Stall at Idle

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Hey all. I have gotten my car back on the road. Still trying to find some time to get it to a shop to get the wide-band installed but yesterday was having issues where it would suddenly stall for no apparent reason at idle. Seems to drive fine otherwise. It did this at 1/4 choke as well. It was about 90 °F ambient and didn't seem to exhibit this issue upon initial starting to warm up (though the choke was about 1/2-3/4 during this).

It doesn't seem to be a too rich of an idle that fouls the plugs stall (had that issue last year). So is this what a too lean of an idle acts like?


Thanks for any ideas!


Also, is this the normal amount of engine shake for our wonderful 2002s? I was told by the PO that he'd reinforced the weak engine mount and as far as I can tell it has indeed been strengthened and I don't see any obvious issues with them but maybe I don't know what to look for.



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remove air filters and check for lean by using carb spray ,1 second blast a  barrel, an Increase in speed means leans condition i.e. vacuum leak, or fuel flow inside carb circuts.

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It just quit...hmmmm. Good video, but we're gonna need to know a lot more, though.


Fuel delivery is ok?


Valves adjusted? Got your ignition all sorted out? (fresh plugs, wires, points, etc...) ?  Dwell set?  Where's your timing set?


All that should occur before carb adjustments... But, since we're there...  Which carb is that? Carb new? Freshly rebuilt? Fuel float level is properly adjusted?


How many turns out are the idle mix screws?  It didn't seem terribly lean to me (no spitting, gasping...) but it is shaking a bit too much IMO.


Have you checked for vacuum leaks? (with engine running, spray carb cleaner at carb base, intake mounts, any intake fittings, etc... a change in engine speed will indicate a leak)


...need more data




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