Need help inspecting a 71 2002 in Atlanta.

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I am in Seattle, and I am interested in a 71 2002 for sale in Atlanta.

The car appears to be what I am looking for, and I need someone to look at it for me and give me their opinion before

I go to the next step of arranging a buyers inspection. 

With that in mind, I would also appreciate any recommendations for a good independent mechanic in Atlanta for the inspection.

Please email me at

The car is located in the Virginia Highlands/Emory area



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I lived near Emory for 9 years, until we moved back North a couple of months ago.  While in Atlanta, for local work on my '76, I used Bob Lane, who owns and runs RWL German Imports, 520 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312 (404-588-1624).  He's in the Old Fourth Ward, perhaps 3 miles from Virginia Highland.


I have nothing but good things to say about Bob.  His shop specializes in, and his personal allegiance is to, Porsche, but they regularly work on BMW's and I've seen at least a handful of other '02's at the shop.  That said, Bob might not be an expert on '02 rust in the same way he is, no doubt, an expert on 911 rust!


He keeps very busy and making an appointment a week or two in advance is critical.  While the shop opens at 8:15 AM-ish, Bob starts mid-morning but seems to work late most nights and is often around on weekends.  If you want to speak to him directly, rather than with his office manager, I'd recommend calling after 5:30 PM.


Good luck,




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Hi Dean....I also recommend you call Bob Lane at RWL. He's attended to my German rides (Porsche, VW and my '76 02) for several years and the cars always come back running better than before. Furthermore, he owned an 02 himself and if the car you are looking at is the one I think you are with that tasty looking engine, that's the set up Bob had in his '72 02. He will be more than happy to help you out. Great looking 02....good luck! 

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