1976 BMW 2002 turbo clone

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1976 BMW 2002 Turbo Clone

First and foremost, I am an enthusiast and have enjoyed driving these wonderful machines for over 20 years. About 2 years ago I decided I want to restore a vintage BMW and that's exactly what I did. Through a lot of sweat and tears she is finally ready to be put on the market. I will have to say, that our little "Classy Bitch" turned out to be a real head turner. She has been repainted with the original Polaris silver paint on the exterior and has a marine blue interior.  The 2.0 liter motor has been completely rebuilt with internals from Ireland Engineering. It has a head from a BMW 2002 Tii with high compression piano top racing pistons, an Italian made Weber 38/38 dual carburator, a 292 cam, IE headers, IE full stainless exhaust and 15x8 Panasport rims with new tread. I know that this iconic classic will make someone very happy to have her. She will be missed dearly. $29K OBO.
for details contact Big J @ 580-285-3060

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OP, kudos for not taking offense (in writing anyway) :)


Whenever modifying a car away from what the factory intended, you run the risk of diminishing your pool of prospective buyers.


But in the end, all you need is one!



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