Tii Early Intake Manifold w/ Plastic Runners - Complete

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Hey everyone, new to the forum but am very active over on R3v (own 4 e30s). I just picked up a 72 2002tii and the PO gave me literally a pile of spare parts he had accumulated for it that came with the car. While going through the pile I found a complete set of early model tii intake plastic runners, the upper manifold, and the lower metal pieces that connect the plastic tubes to the head. From some of the research I have done, I understand these are somewhat valuable. I am new to the 02 world, so i am not sure what to ask for this setup, but I do know that just the plastic runners alone are like 200 a piece. 


If anyone is interested please PM me and we can talk price and shipping, etc. Again, I am fairly active on R3v so please don't let my newbie status scare you lol. I will try to get pics posted up shortly. Thanks for looking!



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Post images of the inside of the "tuna can" and the lower intake pieces.  As presented, you might get $100 or so for the lot - at least that's about what I'd pay, and what what I've recently taken for similar bits. If you have the original hose clamps, they are highly sought after.  May be worth more to clean & store as spares for your tii, or to pass on to the next owner.


I have an early plenum just like yours that I use as a small planter for herbs.



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