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Hey All, 
Been a while since I've had an issue, which is good news. Usually I can figure things out but Im thoroughly confused by this one because I've tried most of the classical solutions. Who can help a brother out? 

Car wont start. A single click when I turn the key ( the starter engaging) but wont turn over. However- it does start when I put jumpers on the positive starter terminal and a ground then jump it. Once it starts it purrs wonderfully. I've tried the crude but effective whack on the solenoid and starter with no difference in results. Battery has juice and is newish- but is located in the trunk. Starter is a rebuilt one put in about 2 years ago. + terminal on starter gets 12.6 V when key is engaged.  

Its a 1975 stock 2002
Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance


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it's your grounding in the trunk.  

check the voltage at the battery and then at the starter to verify 12 volts. 

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