BMW 2002/tii Parts Little of Everything Updated

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Bunch of parts for sale. If you are searching for something, hit Ctrl F and type what you are looking for and it may show up. 

Paying through the eBay store is easiest, otherwise it is hard to keep track of so many parts on the forum. 


BMW 2002tii 2002 tii Injector Pulley-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Valve Cover-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Blinker windshield washer stalk-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Windshield Wiper-

BMW 2002 Spedometer Cable-

1968 BMW 2002 Shift Boot-

BMW 2002 Hardware Bundle-

BMW 2002 Oil Filter Manifold-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Door Handles and Ignition Switch-

BMW 2002 Sun Visor-

Steel Clutch to Reservoir-

1968 BMW 2002 Hood Latch-

BMW 2002 Hood Brackets-

BMW 2002 Behr Electric Fan-

1968 BMW 2002 Door Handles and Pieces-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Dash Panel-

BMW 2002 Throttle Linkage-

BMW 2002 Electric Bundle-

BMW 2002 Oil Dipstick-

BMW 2002 Fuel Pump-

BMW 2002 Differential Mount-

BMW 2002tii Cold Start Valve-

BMW 2002 Valve Cover-

BMW 2002 Filter-

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Wiper Motor:

BMW 2002 tii 2002tii Shift Plate:

BMW 2002 Intake Manifold:

BMW 2002 Starter:

BMW 2002 Window Vent:

BMW 2002 Window Crank Handles:

Clutch Push arm with Throwout Bearing:

BMW 2002 Blaupunkt vintage speaker, tested good:

BMW 2002, 3 piece instrument cluster dash section, cig lighter included:

BMW 2002 Shifter Arm:

Trans Bracket:

Brake Fluid Reservoir:

BMW 2002 Emergency Brake:

BMW 2002 Alternator:

BMW 2002 A/C Comp Mount:

BMW 2002 Flywheel Cover:

BMW 2002 Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate:

BMW 2002 Timing Chain Tensioner:

BMW 2002 Bus Steering Wheel:

Holley Carb:








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