Large Lot of Engine Rebuild Parts SOLD

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Hi all,


I purchased these parts all at once, a few years ago, from Ireland Engineering. These were intended for an m10 build with an e12 head, but I've since acquired more motors, and more cars, and never actually sent any particular motor out for a rebuild to make use of these parts.


All parts are new, and unopened. I've actually opened these boxes for the first time in two years, to take photos. 


A detailed list of what is included: 


Price Breakdown

BMW 2002 M10B20 Engine

Head Rebuild

IE New Billet 292 Camshaft 

IE Heavy Duty Rocker Arms 

IE Standard Size Eccentrics 

IE Set of Rocker Arm hardware 

IE Rocker Arm Shafts 

IE Rocker Arm Locks 

IE Adjustable Cam Gear Single Row

IE New Billet 292* Cam

(Crankshaft) Sprocket (Single Row) 

IE Heavy Duty Valve Springs 

IE late Style Valve Guide 

IE Late Style Valve Stem Seals 

IE SIngle Row Timing Chain 

IE Timing Chain Guide Rail 

IE Timing Chain Tension Rail 

IE Upper Gasket Set

IE M10 Head Bolts 


IE M10 Lower Gasket Set 

90mm 9.5CR Cast Pistons (E12 head)

IE Main Bearings  

IE Rod Bearings




All parts can be identified in photos. I think I paid over $2000 for all of this stuff when the original purchase was made. I would like to think that prices went up, but regardless, my asking price is a net loss, but with hopes that I can help another member with his goals of rebuilding his motor. 


Price is $1500 before shipping. 



I would rather sell all parts to a single party, instead of parting out piece by piece.



Thanks for looking.


-Ryan Danco

FullSizeRender 79.jpgFullSizeRender 81.jpgFullSizeRender 80.jpgFullSizeRender 78.jpgFullSizeRender 82.jpgFullSizeRender 87.jpgFullSizeRender 83.jpgFullSizeRender 84.jpgFullSizeRender 89.jpgFullSizeRender 88.jpgFullSizeRender 86.jpgFullSizeRender 85.jpg

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