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This 1973 BMW 2002 Touring was found in Germany last year and selected for import. After negotiation with the previous owner it was imported to the United States in October of 2015 as a restoration project for its future owner. This touring shows approximately 10,882 kilometers on the odometer, total kilometers/mileage is unknown. After a winter in storage, a month or so of reconditioning  and over 500 kilometers on American roads I am ready to sell this vehicle to its next owner.




This rare BMW has been recommissioned to running driving condition after several years off the road in a private collection. The coolant, engine oil and brake fluid have been flushed or changed as needed. Although the body shows areas that need rust and paint repair this is a very structurally sound vehicle and could be enjoyed as is if the buyer does not want to undertake a full restoration.  The brake system has been unlocked and renewed since purchase. The brake pads, rotors and front wheel bearings were replaced, the rear brakes have been flushed but will need further service in the near future.  In addition to the brake repairs and new fluids, all of the soft fuel lines and filter have been replaced. Repairs were performed to the wiring system, the instrument cluster was rebuilt to fully functional condition, and a rebuilt Bosch starter was installed.  The car has also been given a basic tuneup which included setting the timing, installation of a new distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs.




According to the BMW Archives this vehicle was originally delivered with Sahara beige paint, the previous owner stated that it was repainted in the late 1990's to its current shade of Amazonasgrun. The color change was well performed with little evidence of the original color remaining. The door jambs, luggage area and engine compartment were painted to match the exterior. Since import the touring received an extensive interior and exterior detail, more than 10 hours of cleaning performed in the last week. That being said please remember the paint is nearly 20 years old so it does show bubbling, rock chips, scratches and touch ups. As shown in the photographs the seats and headliner are in good overall condition with only minor flaws, the dash is nearly crack free. New carpet was installed on the shock towers and a new Vintage Autobahn flag mirror was installed on the car to replace the worn out original unit. The final touch was the install of the set of four 13x5" F.P.S. OEM alloy wheels, matching spare, and new 185/70/13 Maxis tires. 




After performing all of these repairs this touring is in running driving condition but in need of further refurbishment to be a reliable daily driver. The car has been driven to a few events in the Portland area over the last couple weekends, I have not had any trouble with it. As stated the rear brake shoes and drums should be replaced since they are very old.  The engine runs smooth but does show light smoke on startup and hard deceleration, it would benefit from a valve job or engine rebuild in the future.  The transmission shifts smoothly and does not have any apparent bearing or synchro issues, the rear differential sounds good as well. The lights, blinkers, gauges, wipers, windshield washers, heater, horn, window regulators, and door locks are all operational. 





While this car is on its way to a restoration the buyer should assume that many components will need repair. I would feel comfortable driving this vehicle a couple hundred miles or so to get home but beyond that point the buyer should bring a trailer, toolbox or tow-truck. The car is available for inspection in the Portland, Oregon. Please come and see the car before purchase so that you know exactly what you are buying. I can also make the car available for inspection at a local independent BMW mechanic for interested parties. Buyer responsible for all shipping charges. This vehicle can be registered in any state except California. All customs, import, and ownership documents are included in the sale. I am happy to arrange worldwide transport at buyers
expense. Interested parties with questions about this car can contact us through eBay or our website for more information. There are over 100 photos of the touring available at

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Ws9848- Dont worry about your retirement, live in the now!  Seriously though, we would love to see this go to a forum member so we can watch the progression of the project. 


SamAdams- We try to represent things honestly so that our buyers are happy with their purchase, thank you for noticing the effort! I'm also a big fan of the OEM alloys on this car, the only downside is I will have to find another set for my touring! 


The car is now listed on eBay -|parentrq:105460ed1560a6a4a6ad6ac9ffff246b|iid:1&_mwBanner=1


We are happy to end the auction early for a FAQ member or local buyer. 

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"1968 model year to 1974 model year vehicles: California does not recommend the purchase or importation of these years of NON-USA vehicles, even if currently registered in another state. These vehicles require compliance with USEPA requirements in effect on the specific date of 11/15/1972. This provision when written, was considered by the California legislature as a gradual phase-out of very dirty "non-collectable" types of imports, as this specific requirement was understood to become increasingly difficult to meet. Today, this requirement, while not impossible to meet, would require testing expenses and modifications that far exceed most vehicles value and would make little sense from a collectors standpoint to attempt. Some limited exemptions apply to individuals moving to California with vehicles of these years registered in their home state for at least a year before moving to California. Contact us for more information."


From my understanding the California Air Resource Board changed some interpretations in 2016 that had the effect of making it very difficult to import vehicles manufactured after 1967. According to my sources it is possible to run a vehicle through the EPA emissions testing, but very expensive. In every other state than California this car is exempt from EPA testing due to production date. If you are a California resident I suggest you write a letter of complaint to your representatives asking them to respect our "newly" collectable vehicles. 




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