1969 1600-2

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Not mine, no affiliation. She looks beautiful so far...the underside has some questionable areas for sure...and that color! What is it, Caribe?

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10 hours ago, 1936spyder said:

Caribe, yes, and I think that the car has been spoken about before. I seem to remember it being posted on CL in TX last fall and someone posted the link to the faq Classifieds.


It does look familiar.  And if it's VIN 1566086, it's on my cheat sheet already as being manufactured August 30, 1968.  This makes it one of the earliest 1969 models around, as 1969 model production must have just begun around August 30, 1968.  The European auto factories were closed for most of August so any August-manufactured BMW is a rare bird -- the few I've seen are dated August 1 or 2 (current model year) or 30 or 31 (following model year).


The lack of head restraints and sidemarkers is consistent with the 1968 manufacturing date, as both only became mandatory for '02's on January 1, 1969.


Here's a prior thread on the car:







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Looks to be mostly original as well, aside from a few things in the bay and interior.


I especially like that the half shafts are the funky style - after the u-join style, but before the modern (more common) style that we see with short neck diffs. This is exactly what my car has.


Very cool to see the original front subframe with only one tow hook on the passenger side. 


edit: looks like the transmission has been replaced, since it no longer retains the "smooth case" trans that 68 1600s were traditionally equipped with.





My 69's vin is 1667199, manufactured in November of 68, FYI.

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