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On July 18, 2016 at 4:17 PM, synergy141 said:

Hi, I'm looking for a 2002 non turbo brake booster for an S54 swap that I'm doing.  If anyone has one please PM me or post here.




Ignoring the various boosters found on the early ('66-'68) cars, "non turbo" still leaves two primary choices: (1.) the standard booster used on plain ol' 2002's; and (2.) the booster used on 2002ti's and 2002tii's.  The latter booster is smaller in diameter to provide more room for the ti and tii airboxes, but it's longer than the standard booster.  Standard boosters are plentiful and cheap -- check out the parts for sale section.  Tii boosters are harder to find.  There's one currently on eBay at $550 -- no bidders (tii boosters were $150-$250 up until a year ago when two "enthusiasts" bid an aesthetically-challenged eBay example up to $525+, forever changing the asking prices for tii boosters!)


Below is a ti/tii booster (illustration purposes only, not for sale).







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I'm not sure if I'd say the standard booster was plentiful, I had a heck of a time finding a replacement.  The ones posted for sale on this board usually sell quickly.


If this is an S54 swap into an E30, then I think most prefer the 944 booster, which you can find on ebay quite often, and fits with minor modification.  The 2002 booster is really small and wont provide as much boost on a bigger car.

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