NEW 2002 body trim for 1974-1976. SOLD!!!!!

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Sold my 1976 2002 but have new in origional plastic bags with factory stickers from my local BMW dealer. . I have three trim pieces and 10 cilps. Go to or maximillion to research which pieces i have BEFORE---BEFORE---BEFORE-- you call me. These trim pieces are not the rocker panel trim nor  the belt line trim that circle the whole car-all model years. My trim fits ONLY 1974-1976 and possibly 1973. Will only sell this packaged ready to ship (kit). ----The part numbers are (51 13 1 814 688).---------(51 13 1 814 685)--------(51 13 1 832 738)-------and ten clips---(51 13 1 816 046). Last time I posted these parts I received calls from people who did not do ANY research---not fun! Priced at $100 plus shipping. Parts are ready to ship in tube 48 and one half inches long by 3 and one quarter inch in diameter. Weight is less than 5 pounds. CALL 413-813-7927. PLEASE NO TEXTING OR E-MAILING!!!!!!!!

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Until you read sold--still available.----- ALSO have steering column, just forward of steering wheel trim piece with VIN plate on it---$25---VERY nice and under steering column plastic piece--( from 1976 car). This underside piece has the hole in it on the right for your ignition key. VERY nice priced at $25. I DO NOT TEXT----NEVER WILL------ PHONE CALLS ONLY!!!!!!413-813-7927-

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