1974 BMW Bavaria

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Two years ago the barn finder sold it to his close friend for him to fix up. He never got around to it, so we picked it up from him. We began working on it but our novice skills were not good enough for some of the repairs so we took it to Marks Motor Mechanic in Walworth.


The car has new

Steel brake lines

Brake pads (front and rear)

Brake calipers (front and rear)

Fuel filter

Spark plugs

Wire set

ATF fluid

Trans pan and gasket

Weber carburetors

Differential fluid

Oil and oil filter

Brake fluid and booster hose

Intake manifold gaskets

Exhaust system (very quiet)




Fuel Lines

Vacuum lines

Battery terminals

Tail lamp bulb

Brake fluid

Wheel bearing seals

Water pump

Upper and lower radiator hoses


Valve cover gasket

Drive belts

Thermostat and seal

Ignition switch


Other things noted:

Fuel tank was drained, cleaned, and flushed.

Engine Compression:

#1: 165 #2: 165 #3: 162 #4: 173 #5: 165 #6: 175


This car is a really really nice driver, and also really fast...surprisingly fast. Can cruise at 85. If you want the footage then maybe I can find it.  The paint is original, but it looks like someone tried to make it look nice but failed with the buffer and they made some bad marks on the hood. There very tiny bubbles on the car that are noticeable up close. It is a 5 footer. The interior is pretty nice, the dash does have cracks, and the seats are original and crunchy from the horse hair. Everything works such as dome light, the warning signals for when the doors are open or when someone does not buckle their seat belts (or a bag of groceries) The fuel gauge does not work.














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