No-No Monterey 2016 for the AlpinA Gr. 2

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I had pretty much pulled the plug on this effort a couple of weeks ago, sorry to say.  Disappointing to say the least.  At the end of the day, completely my fault in letting things get to the "fail safe" zone when they didn't need to be.  Of course with a car like this (and so many one off parts and pieces i have been have made), everything would have had to have been perfect and of course the opposite of that happened.  I'll spare the details but suffice to say a number of things went sideways on me.  It is what it is.  Its funny (not really),

Plan - A: I initially planned on racing the car, had it entered but didn't complete the application (I figured I could get it running and driving but didn't think I could get it running and TesTed by then. 

Plan - B - Quail.  Communicated with those folks - they were pretty excited to have the car part of that event, I thought I could get the car "running and driving' by then, mid April rolled around, I didn't see the progress that would allow me to finish the car enough to take to that event. 

Plan - C - Legends.  I figured even if it wasn't running and driving, if I had it say 75% done, legends would be a great place to take it.  Lots of folks could see it (and you don't have to bone out 6oo friggin dollars to go (like the Quail).  I went by to visit it yesterday, most of the dirty work is done, all-in I would say at the rate things are going probably another month.  Just a guess though - doesn't matter now. It will be a work of art when its done for sure.   I have a place rented in Monterey, so I will be at Legends on Friday and then at the track on Saturday.  Looking forward to seeing some great cars and catching up with friends.  There is always next year, and of course 2018 is the 50 year anniversary of the 2oo2.  Some of things I was going to have to cheat on won't be an issue now.  On the bright side, did some more testing with the motor and made a few more hp - 265bhp @ 8500 rpm.








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Take the time to do it right.  Don't rush it just to make a certain event.  It will be fabulous...


True.  I have spent way too long on this project, that said I haven't cheated anything to date, so no reason to start now.  I could always bring the motor and a picture of the car! (kidding).  I knew about three weeks ago that it probably wasn't going to happen.  I was working on re-building my axles and had the CV's taken apart..  Cleaned everything up and put a couple back together.  Messed the paint up on one fooling with it so took everything back out (really didn't need to but for whatever reason I did)......and then noticed THIS.  Blew right by it putting everything back together so fast.  No need to get it magnafluxed.  That certainly would have ended badly in one way or the other (car, driver, car and driver....who knows).  At this point I am going to get the whole kitten kaboodle mag'd.  This car was driven hard at high speeds.  Stupid not to.




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Well....that sucks, but it is what it is.....I hope to see you there! However, like almost everyone else...I have no idea what you look like...or how to link up with anyone.

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