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Hello 02 faq. I thought about it for a while and thought I should share my service with everyone here. I bought my first 2002 two years ago, and since then have talked to a lot of 02 guys. In the process, I have helped many enthusiasts looking to find an 02 but often times they don't have time, aren't sure what to look for, or are having other difficulties. I have helped many people find their first or fourth 2002 for them, and I have begun to love doing it. If you are looking for a 2002 let me know and I would love to help out! If you find a car yourself too, and have some questions about it or any questions about the 2002, I will try my best to answer all of your questions. It is a lot of time and work so I do ask for a finders fee, because I am constantly calling sellers, gathering information, etc.


For example, I helped Rudy find a nice green 2002tii, and a 318is and went to go look at the E30 and met the owner and took it for a test drive.

I helped Eric pick up a nice roundie from Ryan Danco and he still loves the car and drives it every week!


I have helped many more people (who would rather not be named) find what they have been searching for so If you're interested add and pm me!
Thanks a lot.



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