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"Stacked MoMo" steering wheel

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Hey guys,


This is quite a long shot, but here goes none the less...
I'm looking for a MoMo steering wheel for my hillclimb 2002.  However I want it to be authentic!  So I've gotten into my head that it has to be one of the very early MoMo wheels - the so-called "stacked MoMo".  They are called this because on the back they are stamped MoMo, but rather than the four letters being placed in a row next to each other, the first "Mo" is stacked on top of the second "Mo".


I believe the only models MoMo produced back then were the:
- MoMo Elite
- MoMo Le Mans
- MoMo Monza
- MoMo Indy
- MoMo Prototipo


Any one of these would suit me perfectly!
I'm not too keen on a wooden steering wheel, so it really has to be a leather steering wheel.
In the ideal world, the steering wheel should measure 370mm or 380mm, and if I'm really lucky it might even be dished.  But hey, beggars can't be choosers, so let me know what you've got.
I'll consider any condition as long as the price reflects it.
Oh and I'll be honest, I just can't afford the insane money that some classic 911 owners are apparently paying for these steering wheels!  I know it's not going to come cheap, and that's fine.  But it has to be realistic...


Email: andersbilidt (a) hotmail dot com


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