Brake line from Reservoir to Brake MC weeping

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Hi all

One of my brake lines from the reservoir to the brake MC is weeping badly. The other is fine. The grommets are fine (no cracks) 

Should both lines be replaced at the same time ?  I see no clamps at the reservoir end or at the MC. Is that normal  ?

Also, If I replace the lines can I syphon out the brake fluid or should I attempt (not easy) to catch it at the end of the lines



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Yep, replace them both.  There's a reasonable chance they were replaced with fuel or oil lines, which aren't necessarily brake fluid resistant.


Nope, no clamps, and I use a MityVac to suck out almost all of the fluid.  Siphon would work too.


VW places carry the brake fluid compatible hose for little money.






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