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Turns out I've accumulated a lot of parts over the years. I'd guess they could be useful for many of you. My goal is not to make a ton of money but rather to clean out my garage. Accordingly, I'm willing to sell my parts for reasonable prices. I've taken the time to photograph and box many of the parts for your convenience, which I'll include below. See list of parts below. If you would like any of them, PM me a reasonable offer and its yours. Some of the parts would be a pain to ship so I've marked the ones which are local pickup only, I live in Seattle. Be sure to let me know where you live so I can ballpark shipping costs. So let the show begin.



Part Photo Shippable/Local only Sold
DCOE 45 Side Draught weber carbs including linkage, IE Intake Manifold 2 Can Ship Sold
E30 M3 upper and lower oil pans and flywheel shroud, bolts 2 Can Ship  
Rocker ankle level trim both sides (Great condition) includes mounting clips 2 Can Ship Sold
Standard 2002 Brake booster 2 Can Ship  
Rebuilt Pedalbox 2 Can Ship Sold
Weber Jets and Gaskets, etc 1 Can Ship Sold
E30 M3 S14 Radiator 1 Can Ship  
E30 M3 S14 Fan 1 Can Ship  
Later model 2002 Kidney Grille 1 Can Ship Sold
Warrneford DCOE Intake Manifold 1 Can Ship Sold
Equus Water Temp Gauge (Aftermarket) 1 Can Ship  
Air Oil Separator S14 1 Can Ship  
S14 Air filter and box 1 Can Ship  
Drivers side front grille 1 Can Ship Sold
S14 Coolant Canister 1 Can Ship  
Used Big brakes kit (vented e21 rotors, Volvo calipers, Conversion Hubs 2 Can Ship Sold
3.64 Open Differential 2 Local Pickup Only  
Hogged out Intake Manifold M10 Peanut 2 Can Ship  
Used m10 header 2 Can Ship Sold
e12 used head (stock cam) 2 Local Pickup Only Sold
M10 oil Pan 2 Can Ship  
M10 block 3 Local Pickup Only  
Sony CD Player and Center Speaker with cutout for CD player 3 Can Ship Sold
M10 Crankshaft 1 Can Ship  
Stock 02 flywheel (228) 1 Can Ship  
Clutch M10 stock 1 Can Ship  
E21 turbine wheels (Machined to increase Offset) 1 Local Pickup Only Sold
2002 Alternator 1 Can Ship  
2002 Fan 1 Can Ship  
M10 Vacuume Distributor 1 Can Ship  
M10 Oil Pump 1 Can Ship Sold
M10 Valve Cover 1 Can Ship  
Flame Thrower Coil, Electrionic Ignition parts 1 Can Ship Sold
Dashboard Ash Tray 1 Can Ship Sold
Brown 2002 passenger arm rest 1 Can Ship  
3 2002 termostats 1 Can Ship  
M10 water pump 1 Can Ship Sold
Coolant T-tube red 1 Can Ship Sold




Equus Water Temp Gauge.jpg











Hogged out M10 peanut intake2.JPG




02 oilpan2.JPG

02 valve cover.JPG

Hogged out M10 peanut intake.JPG

Vacuume distributor m10.JPG

02 block.JPG

02 block2.JPG

02 block3.JPG

02 oilpan.JPG

02 stock crank.JPG

360 open diff.JPG

360 open diff2.JPG



02 clutch.JPG



Thermostat and hoses.JPG

02 brown passenger arm rest.JPG

02 Fan.jpg

02 flywheel 228.jpg



02 standard brake booster.JPG

02 standard brake booster2.JPG


Sony CD player.JPG

02 head stock cam.JPG


s14 coolant reservoir.JPG



s14 air filter and box2.JPG

s14 airfilter and box.JPG

S14 Fan.JPG


S14 air oil separator.JPG

S14 Radiator.jpg

Upper and Lower S14 Oilpans.JPG

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