Leak near lower radiator hose

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I replaced all my coolant / radiator hoses earlier this summer, used only original hoses and hose clamps.


While fixing my brakes a week ago I noticed there was coolant on the body under the radiator where the lower radiator hose is attached.


I tightened the hose clamp and hoped it would go away.  Now it has leaked some more, maybe about 1-2 teaspoons every day. The car has not been driven, since the has been up in air on axle stands while waiting for new calipers.


I painted the radiator when replacing the hoses (including the part where the hose is attached), could this cause a leak?


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You'll have to figure out where it's coming from- if it indeed is the lower hose, you may have  a bad hose, a crimped nipple, or something else.

The paint shouldn't do that....  shouldn't...




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