Car Shows and Rainny Saturday part scores

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  well it is an overcast saturday in the mid-atlantic region

but a 12 year long run of the same car show is on the calendar

and i will go. no rain where i am but within ten miles of the show

it is misting and raining, depending which cornfield i am passing.

the Deutsche Classic is a great All German Show in Oley PA.

just in case you are close and want to try it next year. so the cars

were great but wet. the food was good. my shoes were wet.

my daughter was having fun with the camera. i will post those

later. so my regular thing is to check out the cars and then circle

the parts area like a buzzard. there was way too much VW stuff.

but....... one guy sitting quietly was surrounded by totes of parts

in bags and boxes. i like the old packaging just of the printing.

so in i dive with sophia hovering and questioning some of the

parts. i tried to be quiet so the guy might not figure me out so

quick. but after a while i was explaining to the guy what most of

the parts were. i also noticed about five people watching the

BMW savant hold up parts and explain the use or where it goes.

i have got to tone it down some how, sophia just rolls her eyes

at me and lets me bumble on. so the following four pictures

show some of the finds.






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On 7/9/2016 at 8:51 PM, JohnP_02 said:


If you're selling I'm down for a folding key and standard key. John


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Me too  - PM me if selling.

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I'd like a standard ignition and trunk key if'n you're selling.



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Haven't you guys been to Stone02's facebook page?


He posted this on there two days ago

All keys work for BMW 2002s and the folding keys can also double as the key for your vintage BMW motorcycle from the 70s. 
only 2 folding keys are for sale $40 each.
all the metal keys are for sale $15 each.

...See More
Stone Racing Company's photo.

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