74-76 bumpers

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Don't scrap them   Aluminum prices have dropped and you may be disappointed 


If they are not terribly scratched or oxidized I would be interested.  The trouble is shipping  The Grey Hound may be the best option for shipping.  Have you ever used them before ? I have only received items by going to the Grey Hound station to pick up a bulky or heavy package, so don't know what the shipping process is all about


I could pay shipping plus scrap cost if that is interesting to you.


By the way the BBS  wheel swap fell thru for now  Thanks for your offer about the center cap.



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I'm kind of interested in the rubber piece that goes down the center of the front bumper.  Mine has white paint scratches on it.  It shouldn't be too hard to take that off and ship it.  My zip code is 45776.  

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