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Finding a 2002

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Hello 02 faq,

24e0377b421dcde9e48f3e06d61fed84.jpge102cff49f1533304e5b322545e09e43.jpgI've been a bit of a lurker on this forum but have owned my first 02 for a little over two years. I thought about it for a while and thought I should share my services with everyone here. I bought my first 2002 two years ago, and since then have talked to a lot of 02 guys. In the process, I have helped numerous enthusiasts looking find an 02, but often times they don't have time, aren't sure what to look for, or are having other difficulties. I have helped many people find their first or fourth 2002 for them, and I have begun to love doing it. If you are looking for a 2002 let me know and I would love to help out! It is a lot of time and work so I do ask for a finders fee, because I am constantly calling sellers, gathering information, etc.

-I can find an 02 specific to your needs.

- I can find a reputable shop or myself to check out the car if it is not local to you.

Examples of some satisfied customers

- I can help with finding the correct part for your 02

-I know many people selling their 02 but not publicly

Examples of some satisfied customers ?

I connected Eric (from this forum) to buy a beautiful roundie from Ryan Danco.

I connected Rudy to this green tii, and offered advice and help to get a great deal on his Turkis, and Malaga tii as well as assistance on finding correct parts.

If you're interested go ahead and leave me a pm or text me 608-436-9775

Thanks a lot guys!

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