Installing The Front and Rear Windshields

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Windshield Seals
Front - p/n 51317440154
Rear - p/n 51311817764
2 X Lockstrips - p/n 51311803265
2 X Lockstrip Cup p/n 51317440106

Clear Silicone Caulk
Spray Bottle of Soapy Water
25 ft. of 3/16” Cotton Rope
Masking Tape

Caulk Gun
Small Flathead Screwdriver
Lockstrip Tool (I used this one from Aegis Tools.) Apparently, AEGIS Tools no longer sells the roller lockstrip tool. You can get it here now:

*The installation steps are identical for both windshields.*

1. Lay the windshield down and slip the seal over the edges.


2. Wrap the rope twice around the seal, pushing it into the slot. Tape the ends against the inside of the glass.


3. Spray the seal edges to soak the rope with soapy water.

4. Lift the windshield and seal into the opening, being careful not to allow the seal to come out.



5. With one person applying pressure from the outside, pull the rope from the inside, being careful not to pull any of the headliner with it.


6. Once the rope has been entirely pulled and the seal is in, use the caulking gun to run a small bead of clear caulk inside the inside and outside edges of the seal.



7. Once the caulking is in, use the lockstrip tool to install the lockstrip. This is a bit of a challenge and requires a little skill. Go slow and be careful. If you have a small section (1” or less) that pops out of the seal, use the small flathead screwdriver to pop it back in.



8. Trim the lockstrip after installation to fit with as small a gap as possible.

9. Slip the lockstrip cup over one end of the lockstrip and use the screwdrivers to pop it in, using the soapy water to help with lubrication.


You’re done!


Screw in your visors and handles and pat yourself on the back.


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Good work Clay,

I watched a professional installer put my windshield in and he laid the lockstrip in before installation of the glass.  I asked why he was doing that and he said "the factory would not do 2 jobs when they could do 1."

The process was the same as yours, but without the need to feed the lockstrip in with the tool.  He had the windshield in in 5 minutes.  He also used suction cup handles to adjust the glass sideways after install to center it perfectly.



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Good job.  I just recently put in the front windshield in my '73 and I found it easier to start the rope at the bottom of the windshield.  After you get the bottom pulled the seal sits down over the sheet metal edge with the help of its own weight.  Either way it takes some patience.  I also put the lock strip in afterwards and that was the hardest part of the whole job, but it was also my first time putting in a windshield.



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Step two is incorrect--the cord is NOT wrapped twice around the window but merely overlapped several inches. Am I missing something here?

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I like how in the blue book picture they are doing the rope standing outside the car...having had a few replaced I have never seen that...

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