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M10 and 4 speed are Sale Pending


Long story short, I recently picked

up a 74 2002 that had been sitting for the last 5+ years. The previous owner past away and the son sold me the car, providing the limited detail he had on the engine. It was believed that the car was parked when the water pump went out.


After getting the car home I replaced all fluids, soaked the pistons in Marvel miracle and fired her up! She ran great and smooth with just a leaky fuel pump and water pump.


After replacing the water pump, thermostat, fuel pump, and filter I was able the run the car long enough to find that i'm getting alot of steam (white smoke) once the engine is hot. I'm assuming coolant is getting into the combustion chambers from either a head gasket, cracked head or valve guides. 


This is where I'm drawing the line with putting work into the M10, I have a M42 donor to install but was hoping I could cruise the M10 for a bit until I am ready to do the swap. 


I'm selling the M10 and 4 speed complete from weber to alternator, clutch, radiator and whatever else you want that won't be used with the m42, also has an a/c compressor but I don't know it's condition. 


I'm open to offers at this point, I don't have a good grasp on M10/4speed value so feel free to chime in with suggestions. 


Engine is currently in the car and can be briefly test driven


I will try to do a compression test amd what ever else I can to further diagnose the problem




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Would you ship the gearbox to NY?


Doesn't need to be fast. Just want it for winter to potentially rebuild. 


Do you know if it leaks on the output? Mine is shocking, whines, and is super sloppy. Anything is better I think.

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