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Replacing Fuel Lines - Need assistance with length

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I remember seeing a post where someone had listed all the fuel line sizes and approx lengths required for replacement purposes. However I cannot find it for the life of me and so I have made my own list below. If anyone knows of the top of their head, then can you please write the lengths against each one please? I would like to work out how much I need to purchase. I am not near my car for a few weeks else I would have measured.


1) 12mm hose fuel tank to electric pump
2) 8mm hose from pump/accumulator to steel line near passenger side
3) 8mm hose at front panel from steel line to fuel filter
4) 8mm hose from fuel filter to KF pump
5) 8mm hose from KF pump to cold start valve
6) 8mm hose return from KF pump to firewall



I am thinking of replacing it with this (except for the 12mm one) -


Anyone see anything wrong with this? 





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just buy 100 feet and cut to fit !!  then head over to Guzman's and The Gresham to celebrate.






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7 hours ago, rapandi said:

Anyone see anything wrong with this

Find out what end fittings the SS braid hose needs.  Probably more than hose clamps.  Will it push on fuel nipples and be the right size for no leaks?  This is pretty rigid stuff and the minimum bend radius might be more that you want.

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