90mm Goetze OE piston rings ***SOLD***

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90.015mm German, OEM Goetze piston rings, still in packaging. Enough to do 4 cylinders.


I bought them for 90mm Mahle pistons that I didn't end up using. Cost me $120+/- but make me ANY reasonable offer and I'll mail them to you. 


These are the good ones. Took me months to find them overseas. 


Located in Western PA.






Thank you!

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The pistons are just *barely* still within tolerances (regarding ring lands / wear). It was too close to the limit, for me to feel comfortable using them on my own motor, but if you want them $100 gets you the rings *and* the 4 pistons. These are bathtub type for 121 casting cylinder head. Euro early tii spec. Genuine Mahle. used. I'll even cover postage. I can't bear to throw them out, and they were free to me, so I'll gladly pass them long. 


PM me or e mail me for details if you like.



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