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Hello all


I have rusty rockers...big surprise! I have removed the outer rockers from the a pillar to the b pillar and need to now cut the quarter panel. 


I need advice on the following. I bought the panels that also have a little piece of the quarter panel built into it. I know the other option is to use the inner panel and also a separate patch piece more like how the factory did it. 


In the forum, I am seeing a variety of opinions. The original design of the two pieces on top of each other is one reason it rusts here so some say the one piece panel is the way to remedy that. Others say those panels are flimsy(I would agree) and to repair using an outer and a separate patch for the quarter. That obviously would be more expensive since I already have these repair panels. 


I do however want to do it the right way and not put crap on the car. Anyone use these panels before and have it work out? Why do they sell them if they are no good after all these years?





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It's a lot cheaper and easier to use the one- piece part.


And if one fabricates the inner oneself, it's no less strong than the 2- part way was.

It was done this way, in large part, to make building the car easier, not to make it (much) stronger.

If you want to make it stronger, add a box section to the inner rocker (that's doing 90% of the work anyway)

and tie it into the front inner fender and the rear subframe mount.  NOW you'll have a stiffer car.


Personally, if the parts you have fit well, I would use them, and add strength myself.

If they fit poorly, I'd go shopping.  

Because fit's really not all that easy to get exactly right.




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When looking at an original installed-by-the-factory rocker panel, everything aft of that little vertical seam that lines up with the trailing edge of the door isn't rocker panel; it's part of the rear quarter panel.  The "real" outer rocker panel dives under the quarter panel at that seam.  That little trick is the primary culprit behind rusty rockers, especially the after section.  The quarter panel and rocker panel are only a few mm apart, with no way for the factory (or you) to get paint, rustproofing etc into that space between the two.


I'd go with the one piece replacement. It has a nice dimple in the proper place to mimic the seam, and from two feet away, especially after you schutz the rockers like the factory did, it'll look the same.  Trying to re-create the original two layers is a lot more work, and it'll result in more rust down the road.



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Thank you guys! I am sure there are people with differing opinions but I feel better knowing I am not alone in my the decision to use the one piece options!

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