72 2002 tii fs/ft

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Yep, looks like a '72 model, despite the '73-only front bumper overriders.  Agave green.  Just curious, what's the VIN?  It's stamped into the chassis on the right front inner fender, near the hood hold-down, and it's stamped into a metal VIN tag riveted to the right front inner fender just aft of the right strut upper mount.  If it was quite early, e.g., 2760001 through 2760400-ish (all manufactured in 1971), it might be more attractive for restoration.  It's bad, but rustier cars have been restored -- albeit by braver souls than I!


I don't know that it will make the car easier to sell or more valuable, given its rough condition, but if you email the VIN to BMW Archives, requesting their data on the car (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com), you will receive back, at no cost, the manufacturing date, original color, sub-model, and market.  If you post that here, all the "non-believers" will then realize it's a bona fide factory tii!


Good luck with your sale,






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