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a gem from F1 dimplemeister

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


Since both cars pictured (tman's and , I think, Jay's) had Alpina steering wheels, I think that he meant that they were so common that they could be bought at Walmart.....or something like that.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I saw it...

Now, if you have an "M-Kmart" badge on your 02, that's another story...

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Guest Anonymous

Where he lives (socal metropolis of cars) two or three nice 2002's can be picked up per year if one looks/follow's the ad's....and when some less fortunate buyers (read: other areas of the country) do not have the same opportunities they tend to over-value their cars, perhaps this is not over-evaluation but what the market will bear in a given area. That's what is is really all about. Case in point that '69 1600 in Arizona on ebay to me overvalued but as I can see here alot of you mid west and east coast guys are stoked on it! To me it's $3000 car max, that's all I would pay. (Picked my original "dimple-free" '68 for $1600 one year ago)

At least this is how I see where F1dimpleboy is coming from.... does it make us spoiled ?....perhaps. (Talking $hit about us Faq'sters was uncool though and he deserves us an apology so let's hear it Jay) LOL merry christmas and happy new year if you celebrate it or not! ph201b.jpg

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Guest Anonymous

heh, funny to be considered a punk when I'm 38.....

From this F1 guy's various posts on the board, I've often gotten the feeling that he's not nearly as experienced with old vehicles as he likes to think. Age itself is a poor benchmark.

Yes, there are a lot of young fellows here, but there are some that really know what they're talking about, and other's questions that might sound silly are not so silly when you consider they're in their teens.


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