Washer nozzle color?

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Well, I just had to drag these out of my stash!  These are new and although the pictures show a more brassy color they are coated silver.


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On May 22, 2016 at 9:08 AM, NYNick said:

.....Should I put a piece of tape over it before it goes to paint?


Yes, Nick, after the body was primed but before it was painted, someone at the factory placed a piece of tape over the chassis VIN in order to prevent it from becoming filled with paint, and thus rendered less legible.  So you get a peek of the car's factory primer, which tended to be various shades of gray and green.  The size and shape of these "windows" for the chassis VIN varied from car to car; and you can often see when the tape was cut at a angle, not out of design, but simply by accident.


As with so many details, high quality re-paints usually render this feature more symmetrical and perfect than the factory ever did!






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