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Thursday Vintage Caravan 2016

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RGB-ers & Friends! Here's the plan for caravan to vintage 2016!


We've got folks coming from all over the area and it the best spot to meet will be just outside of Lexington, KY where I-64 & I-75 Meet. We can grab a quick "Brunch" and get on the road together.


When: We need to depart no later than Noon on Thursday 5/19. I plan on arriving at about 11 to grab a quick early lunch and gas up ahead of time & I hope you'll join me. The exit will have a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, & McDonalds for your dining pleasure. From talking with Mike, it sounds like this will be best lunch stop so best to plan to arrive with plenty of time before noon.


Where: Exit 115 KY 922 (Newtown Pike) on I-64 / I-75. 115 is the first exit after 64&75 merge together, but for those of you with GPS you can plug in the McDonald's address to find us -> 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511 Take a left off the exit and you'll see the restaurants on the right side of the street.


If anyone is coming from 'points beyond' and leaving earlier in the week & would like to join the caravan, there are several good hotel options off this exit.


So, it's noon. We're gassed up, fed, and ready to go. "What happens next?", you might ask. For that I will largely defer to Mike Self as it sounds like he's got a few ideas for routes planned already. However, for the sake of this post here's the gist from an earlier email with Mike:

"I've been looking at alternate routes down to Asheville when we pass Lexington, especially with the landslide that closed I-75 at the KY/TN border--not sure if it'll be repaired by the time we are heading that way.  Anyway, there are more scenic routes than I-75 to Knoxville and the I-40/26 to Asheville. 

I was looking at taking US 25E from Corbin down through TN and join up with I-40 at the NC border; that would bypass the problem area on I-75 and provide a much more scenic route (and avoid the traffic in Knoxville).  Mileage-wise it's actually a few miles shorter than the all-interstate route but of course would take more time.  Regardless, it's about 7 hours driving time from Dayton to Asheville; to my surprise it's further from here to Asheville than it is to Winston Salem. "
Mike is the man, and I'm looking forward to following him on down to Asheville. Mike, if you've got further input here, please post below and I'll get everything updated.
This is going to be a really good time folks. You won't want to miss this caravan. Plus, I can attest to the fact that there is safety in numbers (many thanks again to Jason & Peter for saving my butt last year on the way to Mid America). If you are interested in joining us, please post below & send me a message with your phone number. I want to make sure we don't leave anyone behind.
If you have any questions, please contact me, or post them below!


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So far the list i have for the Lexington Meetup is:


Jon Tinker

Farshid Alai

Jim Denker

Ben Younce

Larry Wilson

Kevin Taylor

Denny Brown

Mike Self



I think there are several other folks on the fence. Again - if anyone plans on coming (even if you're on this list already) please shoot me a message if you haven't already. I want to put together a contact list, and need to know if you're coming to make sure we don't leave anyone behind.

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Nicholas M. (big bumper) and I (e30 sedan) and my dad in his truck/camper are heading similar direction on FRIDAY, MAY 20-- e.g. from Cincinnati area down I-75 to Knoxville.   


If you'd like to meet up, or miss the Thursday caravan, let me know. 



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