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Need to bleed the brakes?

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I was tackling the job of replacing the pads and drum on the rear brakes, and in the wrestling match with the springs, I knocked the little rubber cap off of the actuator. I thought "oh, neat! I always wondered how the brakes seated in underneath the rubber." And then the metal plug shot three feet out and brake fluid started dripping down (up to 1/4 cup, maybe?).  Should I bleed the brakes? Or is this particular situation safe to not bleed? It's something I've not been wanting to tackle right now.


Sidenote: I've certainly developed a more colorful vocabulary since starting to work on this car!



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You need to bleed that wheel cylinder, at least-

if the reservoir didn't leak all the way down, that'll do.


If it did, you need to bleed both rear wheel cylinders.


You may find that it now leaks- they sometimes don't like the accidental disassembly process.  Sometimes they survive.


It's stupid easy to bleed them- get some vinyl tubing small enough to push onto the

bleeder nipples, drill a hole into the top of a plastic drink bottle, insert tubing, open the bleeder,

wait 10 minutes.  Gravity will do the work.




If not, you need a helper.  But it's still not hard.




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