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2002 Touring '74 from Belgium, full restoration project (Lots of pictures)


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This week we got all our parts back from our sandblaster.
Before taking most of them to our local powder coater, I first welded a plate on the engine mount of the front subframe. I also welded a few holes shut on the pedal box.


I painted the other parts with primer. Also the front nose got a coat of epoxy primer.




Some parts that got painted with heat resistant paint


I also got started on the C pillar at the right side of our 02.
I first made 2 90deg bended pieces


All welded in and ground back




There was some rot on the inner reinforcement piece of the C pillar, I decided to cut this out.


New piece fitted


And welded in


I also decided to replace the little flange with some new metal


Piece welded into the car


That's how far I got with this side.
I did manage to finish the other side by welding in the new flange.

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Got a call today that I could pick up the parts that I sent in for powdercoat.

Looking nice if I say so myself :)


Rear subframe


Rear trailing arms


Front subframe


Box full of other stuff, struts, brake shields, pedals, motor mounts etc etc...




We might have to go back from some other parts too because when we blasted the front control arms, the tube where the rubber bush sits in was rotted. So we'll have to buy some new or used ones. Also the front springs were different so we'll need to sort that out. 
As of now only the rear springs got powdercoated.

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Haven't updated this post in a while..

That's because I started school (Industrial Engineering -Electromechanics) again this year and it's taking up most of my time.. :(

Also, I got myself a new daily to get to school with, a BMW E30 325iX Touring B)



Haven't had a chance to weld some more fresh metal onto the touring. 

I did however send in the engine to get it measured up. It's possible that we'll have to get it rebored as there is quite a bit of wear.

Crankshaft seemed to look good.


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Haven't updated this thread in a while now.
It's been pretty busy for my, currently have finals so working time is very very limited.

Today I took a short break from studying and decided to tackle the master brake cylinder.

I've been hesitant if I should just replace or rebuild my master cylinder for my 02 Touring.
Before ordering a new one or a rebuild kit from Walloth Nesch, I decided to disassemble the old one.
You first have to remove the circlip at the back of the MC. I also took out the small 10mm bolt. 
This bolt prevent the second piston to move further (out of the cylinder).
By gently wiggling the front piston at the tube that sticks out of the MC I was able to remove it.
For removing the second piston I simply tapped the MC on the bench and it slid right out :)
Everything laid out
Inside of the MC after cleaning out with some brake cleaner and a rag

I though it would be pitted / rusted out but the walls still look great! I'll probably go ahead and order the rebuild kit from W&N.

We finally got our own workshop not so far away from our home, the first of February we'll be able to move in.
So expect some update from then on!

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Been slowly ordering parts over the few months that I haven't done anything to the car.

Mostly specific BMW parts, like little seals, some screws, bushings.. etc etc


Today another package arrived, couldn't believe my eyes at first how big it was! :blink:



I'll share some pictures later down the road of all the parts I've gotten for the Touring.

Still need to order ball joints for steering, strut bearing, bearings, brake parts, engine gasket set :)

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Finally an update!

We got in our new workshop on the 1st of February, after much driving back and forth to move most of our stuff it was time to move the 02!

Since it isn't far from our home, we were able to just roll the shell over the street.
Car is still in surprisingly good condition (surface rust wise) for sitting so long under a cover

02 sitting in its new home :)
Also welded some nice big workbenches and a smaller one which we will add some caster wheels on soon




Still need to go through all of the parts and fill up the shelves since all the parts are now just laying on the ground.

I also started welding again on the 02, got started with the A post. Filling in some of the hole the previous owner added for dinitrol/tectyl.
Probably the smallest patch panel I've ever made :P


And ground smooth, there was also a hole just about the lower hinge


When we sandblasted the car I noticed some rust lurking between the flange of the passenger floor and the sill.
Decided to cut a the piece out and make a new flange.




New flange tack welded on



Making sure it still fits :)


Got some more parts in too,
New brake discs, drums, waterpump, gasket kit for the engine, bearings etc etc..





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Got an other small update, couldn't do a lot of work since I was replacing fluids on my E30 325iX Touring

Finished the new flange with the small metal tabs that hold the fuel line in place.
I did not cut these when redoing the flange because I did not know if it would turn out that great.

Cut the little tab with the angle grinder and rounded it of with a file.


Welded in place


Old vs new :)



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School started again after a short week long break.
Luckily it was only half a day.

When I got home I went to the workshop to start welding in the floor.


Tacked into place, ground the little tacks down.


Fully welded, ground down and a layer of zinc primer


Also sorted most of the 2002 parts that were sitting on the ground onto the shelves.
We also installed the height adjustable feet on the workbenches, still need to get some casters for the smaller table.

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Glass bead blasted a lot of hardware and parts of the 02 touring over the weekend.


When I blasted a couple of parts I laid everything out on an A3 paper and wrote down which parts, how many, some other notes and finally took a picture of it all. I also got a bow full of all new washers, nuts and bolts a while ago which I'm also taking to the plater to get it yellow plated.


All the blasted parts together



2 of the papers I made:




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This week we removed the old bearings from the rear trailing arms. When we powder coated them we let them sit so the surface was protected.

They slid out pretty easy by tapping on them with a hammer and big punch.


Got new from our local machine shop, cylinder 1,3 and 4 have minimal wear but cylinder 2 has more wear.

Turns out it's already bigger than first oversize so we'll need to go the 2nd overside.. Not really something I wanted to hear but oh well..


I also went through some of the old part boxes and sorted everything in a sorting cabinet.

And of course got more parts :P




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Yesterday I decided to tear down our sandblasting cabinet and put it back together with a thick layer of silicone to prevent sand/dust from falling out.

Today my brother made a little dust collector using a big bucket with some water in. when the dust gets sucked in the bucket, a tube that's just above the water surface prevents the dust from getting in the shop vac.


When he was doing that, I was organizing some of the other parts that we got with us from home that were stil laying in the garden shed.


I started with cleaning and removing the windscreen wiper pump from it's container. These brackets and bolts will get plated too.



Then I removed the old seals of the master cylinder and replaced them with a set of new ones from Walloth Nesch.

Cleaned the aluminium tube of the right piece as it was a bit corroded 



Meanwhile my brother took apart our heater core. The plastic casing has cracked but we have another one (earlier type) as a spare so we'll transfer the housing over



Resistors still in tact



Everything laid out and labelled accordingly



In the evening we visited a older gentleman where our VW Golf mk1 had stayed over for the winter.

We took our front calipers with us and asked if we could lend his grease pump to push out the old pistons.

Went very easy, we'll pull them with a pulley removal tool for the final depth.





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Yesterday I removed the pistons from the brake calipers and removed all of the grease inside of them. These are now ready to get blasted and then plated.


Today I got started with cutting out a little piece of of the front passenger floor. There was a small hole from inside. When looking under the car you could see the floor separating from the chassis rail.


Rust lurking between the floor and chassis rail


When I was cleaning out the inner sides of the chassis rail I noticed the previous owner also spayed some kind of tectyl/dinitrol in side of them.
There was some small rust spots which I removed with the angle die grinder. I then sprayed brunox and zincspray in the chassis rail.


New patch panel


While the zinc spray was drying I ground the weld flat between the hinge and a pillar. The pneumatic powerfile came in handy for this  :thumbs: 


All welded in, I also ground the welds flat but don't have a picture of this..

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Picture of the previous patch grounded smooth


This part will get cut out, I started with drilling out the spot welds


More rust, yay!


Decided to remove some more metal on the left side, just to be sure there was no rust lurking under the flanges


I then removed the upper part of the firewall


Found some bolts in the chassis rail when removing the upper sheet of the chassis rail


Cleaned out the chassis rail and sprayed some brunox inside. I already made a new patch for the chassis rail which I'll weld on tomorrow.


I'll then make a new piece for the firewall

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Today I started with welding in a little flange so the firewall is nice and even which will make making/welding the new piece for the firewall much easier.


By shrinking the edge I was able to get the curvature pretty close.


New patch welded in


Nice and tight agains the inner sill


I then started with making the replacement panel for the firewall, the old piece had seen better days


I hammered the old piece flat and laid it on a flat sheet of metal. By drawing on the metal I was able to copy the layout of the bends and curvatures.


First time fitting the new panel after I bended the 90deg flange that sits agains the inner sill. The patchs is still too big here


By placing two metal plates on each other, I was able to hammer a swage line in the sheet.


After hammering some more and defining the swage line, I bended the lower piece of the patch.


Other side


To see the lines easier I sandblasted the piece. I also welded the little slot (forgot to take a picture of this)




After making sure it still fits, I started on welding the patch for the chassis rail


Welded smooth


Tomorrow I'll weld this piece in and start making the floor piece

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